Timbertech® Decking

TimberTech® Decks

Colorado Deck Works is the premier TimberTech provider for homes across the Colorado Rockies. Discover your gorgeous, authentic-looking composite wood deck with us. and enjoy decades of use with your TimberTech deck.

TimberTech Composite Decking

Enjoy the aesthetics of a wooden deck, without all of the upkeep and hassle that comes along with true wood. Timbertech provides an authentic wooden feel and look while being far more reliable and coming in many more color and style options than regular wood.

Why choose TimberTech?

  • A wide variety of colors and grain patterns to choose from
  • A smooth and safe finish that is comfortable to walk on and never splinters
  • Eco-friendly, sustainable and recycled materials
  • A lifespan that stretches decades, not just years
  • Highly resistant to sun and weather damage
  • Highly safe with highly reliable structural integrity — meaning fewer touch-ups & repairs

The Effortless Beauty of a Composite Deck

Go composite and get the best of both worlds: a safe, strong and sustainable build, with a beautiful real-wood look and feel that will last decades. At Colorado Deck Works we’ve installed dozens of Timbertech decks on some of the mountains’ finest homes — trust us to make yours a reality, too.


Timbertech Decks from Colorado Deck Works

Build Your TimberTech® Deck with Colorado Deck Works

At Colorado Deck Works, we have decades of experience building TimberTech composite decks across the Colorado Rockies. From choosing the right color and finish to the addition of railings, stairs and more — we’ll bring your vision of your outdoor space to life.

The Deckbuilding Team for You

With over 25 years of deck building expertise under our belts, you can trust Colorado Deck Works to deliver a deck of unmatched quality and attention to detail. We’ve worked on some of the finest homes in the Colorado Rockies, and built decks that live up to those same high standards. And we’d be happy to count yours among them.

We tailor-make every aspect of every deck for every homeowner. At Colorado Deck Works, we incorporate your sense of style, design cues from your home, and a hint of distinctly-Colorado flair to complete any deck.

Your Source for TimberTech®

Colorado Deck Works is a longtime TimberTech builder. If you’re looking for a composite wood deck in Colorado, we’re your next call. We’re confident that TimberTech will deliver the best aesthetics, highest strength, and longest life for your next decking project.

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