Timbertech Decking

Timbertech Composite Decking Systems in Breckenridge, CO

Do you want TimberTech composite decking for your home in Breckenridge, CO? Turn to Colorado Deck Works to get the TimberTech supply and reliable deck installation services you need. We’re familiar with the benefits of composite material and have the design and construction experience to transform your outdoor space.

Why Choose TimberTech Composite Decking Systems?

Nothing can beat the look of a wooden deck for traditional beauty and outdoor charm. But wooden decks require a lot of maintenance to keep looking their best and can come with inconveniences like splinters.

With composite wood, you can avoid the worst of the hassles that come with a wooden deck while still enjoying the look of natural wood. And TimberTech composite materials come with distinct advantages, including:

  • A variety of colors in natural wood grain patterns
  • A smooth, safe finish that resists scratches, splintering stains, and fading
  • Technology that resists weather damage and sun damage
  • Safe, strong, and reliable fastening systems
  • Sustainable use of recycled materials

If you want a beautiful, eco-friendly deck that will reach the highest of safety standards and last for years to come, ask about TimberTech composite decking systems today.

Why Choose Colorado Deck Works?

At Colorado Deck Works, we specialize in the design and creation of beautiful and enjoyable outdoor spaces. We have the experience to build decks, railings, pergolas, and sunrooms for both residential and commercial properties.

Every property is different, so we specialize in custom work and a personalized approach to each project. You can count on us to design decks and other structures to that will optimize your outdoor space and provide enjoyment to everyone who visits.

We work with the finest materials, like TimberTech composite decking and use the best construction techniques to ensure that your outdoor space comfortably and safely meets your requirements. We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations.

If you need a composite deck built in the Breckenridge, CO, then  contact Colorado Deck Works today.

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